Airpol Xpress Private Limited

Airpol Xpress Pvt Ltd formed with the intention to boost global business at reduced logistics cost.
Reducing logistic costs is often the number one priority for any international trader. We are here to help you out with our “Free Consultancy” service on Logistics cost to suggest best rates to benchmark against your existing vendor.
You may consider us for nominations after comparing our rates with your existing vendor rates from any part of the world. We hold our own IATA, Customs Clearance License, and Airline stocks in our own name.

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Our Services

We’ve got everything you need to carry your business throughout the planet.

Express Air Freight

Provide comprehensive Air Cargo services to suit any kind of client requirement and time frame.


Spanning across 155 countries including the US, collect shipments and deliver directly to consignees, including customs clearance at the destination.


Receive the goods from the shipper at our dock and deliver directly to consignees, including customs clearance at the destination.


Collect shipment from clients and deliver to any customs airport worldwide. Notify consignee upon arrival at the local airport and provide Proof-of-Arrival notification to the client.


Receive the goods at our dock from the shipper and transport the shipment to any customs airport worldwide. Notify local consignee at destination and provide a Proof-of-Arrival notification upon check-in confirmation at the destination port.


In addition, we also provide consolidation, time definite, small package, Oversized, and Expedited / First Flight Out services available. Full, or Part-Aircraft charter solutions to meet your exclusive needs. Hand Carry / Courier Services to many destinations.

Journey of Airpol Xpress

We are emerging in quicklime manufacturing


1890 – Started as Cylon Boat Company at Colombo.


1942 – A. M. Ahamed & Co. Emerged as renowned logistics provider in India.


1994 – Established SEAPOL to provide logistics services in Indian ports.

Airpol Xpress

2018 – Established AIRPOL to provide fast & economical air cargo service.

Track your Pack!

Track your air cargo nearly for 197 airlines here by entering your AWB number, you should have a number in this format 123-12345675 once you enter it will show the details automatically when possible. Click the link given below for more details.

Track Your Air Cargo Be a part of us
Million+ MTs* dry bulk cargo per year
Plus Exports/Imports To & From Destinations
Plus MTs* of Cargo Handled during period of past 5 Years
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